Wilson Audio Sasha V Loudspeakers Now On Permanent Demo!

Hi Everyone,

So when it comes to Wilson Audio there isn’t much to say really that hasn’t already been said but it is always big news when we get a new pair of Wilsons in for demo and this time we are delighted to now have the new Sasha V’s on permanent demo in the stunning Medio Grigio finish, grey to you and me, it goes without saying that they look and sound stunning.

The Sasha DAW’s were such a popular speaker for us and Wilson that I am sure when it came time to update them it must have been quite tricky for Wilson as they really were the perfect speaker, the right size, expensive yes but not silly money and sounded so good but things march on and as Wilson had not so long ago updated their Alexx V’s with trickle down technology from the incredible XVX’s it was time to upgrade the Sasha’s with the same tech resulting in a speaker that really has moved the game on from where the DAW was, not small feat I have to say.

If you haven’t heard a Wilson speaker you really do owe it to yourself to come in and choose some of your favourite tracks to play on our new Sasha’s, the dynamics, mid and solidity to the bass is just perfect, Wilson Audio really are the masters of speaker design that just pulls you into the heart of the music, when I listen to a Wilson it is very difficult to find any faults with their presentation, well for me they are as perfect as a speaker gets, I know that comes at a price but if you are one of the lucky ones who can go to the Wilson level then I know you will enjoy your music like never before, generally once people become Wilson Audio customers they are for life as nothing else comes close to the balance of honesty, accuracy and musicality.

Please find a link to Wilson Audio on our website and if you’d like to come in for a demo anytime please feel free.





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