A Couple Of Big Speaker Installs – PMC + Wilson Audio!

Hi Everyone,

Belated Happy New Year, I have a feeling this year is going to be a great year for Hifi.

It has certainly started well so I thought I would share a couple of speaker installs from the last couple of weeks, neither of them on the small side.

PMC MB2 SE Install

So this was a nice local one in Devon, so around a 6 hour drive, install, quick bite of lunch then turn round and come home, all in a day’s work, albeit a long one 👍

The customer already had PMC MB2i’s so it was just a matter of a quick swap over to the new MB2 SE’s, have to say they sounded incredible straight out the box –

The below Cherry MB2i’s are available for £10,000 if anyone is interested, boxed in as new condition, an incredible speaker for this price, just get in touch if of interest.


Out with the Old

And in With The New!


Wilson Audio Alexia 2 Install!

This was a nice install just before Christmas of the awesome Wilson Audio Alexia 2 speakers, we will be going back soon to spike them and try some different amplification, sounds awesome as it is now though to be fair.



Let’s see what the rest of the year has instore for us all,

All the best for a great 2020 👍



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