HiFi Lounge Coronavirus Update, 6 Point Plan To Keep HiFi Rocking – Update 1



Hi All,

Hope everyone is continuing to stay fit and healthy in these crazy times, I just wanted to send out a really quick update since our last newsletter as obviously now we are in lockdown things have changed a little.

Firstly obviously we are now closed for any customer visits and demo’s but I am still coming in to work at the moment, basically here on my own so I can’t see any harm it that really, actually want to use the time to do all the jobs that I never have time for.

Home Demo’s

Secondly my master plan of home visits and home demo’s is obviously out the window but on the flip side UPS are still working as normal so I am happy to ship anything out that you would like to try at home, may as well this self isolation time wisely, already this week I have shipped out quite a few products for home demo so if there is anything you fancy trying just get in touch and we can get something arranged, I can see the shop being empty soon but that is fine, saying that, if you want to try the dCS Bartok there is quite a queue forming.


Also we can ship any of our demo stock if there is anything you fancy buying, we heard yesterday that Rega and Naim have ceased production for the time being and I would imagine everyone else will follow suit soon so our ex-display kit, which is all as new and boxed, is a great way of getting something now and saving a few sheckles, please see our ex-display section on our website below but if there is anything on our website that you are interested in let me know as most manufacturer’s are now happy to ship direct as they are keen to help in anyway they can –



Also we do have quite a few bits and bobs on our eBay page which is also available for instant shipping so please see below and if anything takes your fancy please do get in touch, keep an eye on this as I do add kit regularly 


So really that is all we can offer at the moment but if you’d like to discuss anything please either give me a call or email me on 01767 448121 / paul@hifilounge.co.uk

I look forward to our next update to say that normal service is resumed in the not too distant future hopefully but at the moment music is the best antidote we have so please stay safe, well and sane whilst self isolating.

Take care everyone,


Paul & Wendy.






Hi All,

So this is probably the hardest blog I have had to write over the last 8 years as I am pretty speechless, rare for me I know, for what the world is going through right now, I know you have probably received many of these types of emails over the last few days so sorry for yet another clogging up your mailbox but I just wanted to send out a message of well wishes and our plan to hopefully get through this.

Firstly I sincerely hope that everyone is OK and is keeping well, obviously the health and well being of our customers is our main concern but also I think it is fair to say that the effect Covid-19 is having on the economy is pretty devastating, there really are not many businesses that are not going to be affected by this, personally we have had an extremely quiet week with only a couple of people coming in so my thoughts really are also with all businesses out there affected by this virus alongside the health concerns.

I should also say that we had some cool open days planned but needless to say they will have to be postponed till further notice but more importantly all world Motorsport is now cancelled as well as the summer’s concerts are starting to be cancelled, this really is no laughing matter.

Now I totally understand that HiFi really isn’t a high priority for most people at the moment, unlike toilet rolls for some bizarre reason, but the world needs to carry on somehow and my thoughts are that if you are penned up at home then surely this is the best time to try some new kit in your system and enjoy your music like never before so below are a few bullet points on how I hope we can ride out this crisis, so please see below and let me know your thoughts and if you have any other ideas how we can help support fellow audiophiles please let me know.

1, Firstly, we are still open as normal, I will need to be dragged kicking and screaming from this place, but we are going to switch to appointment only for the foreseeable future, so if you have any questions, would like to book a demo or order anything please do email me on – paul@hifilounge.co.uk or ring on 01767 448121.

2, If you would like to order anything we are happy to ship direct so you don’t have to risk coming in, just get in touch and we can make arrangements to suit you.

3, Now this is my master plan, let’s take HFL on the road, so if you have got anything you’d like to try in your system at the moment, the perfect time being at home, then please get in touch and we can make plans to either drive to you or if you’d rather we can courier most things to you, again please ring and we’ll see what we can arrange.

4, If you do want to come along for a demo anytime please feel free, we are lucky that we are not on a high street so the chance of the virus finding us is very slim, could I please ask though if you do have any symptoms please do stay away until better to avoid us catching it, thanks.

5, We have upped our hygiene in accordance with the Government Guidelines and are wiping down hard surfaces regularly and have hand wash available.

6, We do have 4 demo rooms so in theory if you book then you can almost self isolate in one of our demo rooms as there is no need to see any other people other than Myself, Wendy or Ady.

To sum up we are here to help with any HiFi queries so just get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help, Wendy has even just taken delivery of the below post apocalyptic, Corona beating truck in readiness for hopefully more home deliveries and home demo’s, hilariously it is called the ‘Deranged’ version which suits Wendy perfectly.



Also please keep an eye on the blog part of our website on the homepage as I will probably have quite a bit more time on my hands for awhile so will update this regularly with any HFL updates.

Finally, In all seriousness though let’s all keep safe and well and hope that this passes sooner rather than later and please do keep in touch as I am sure we will all get through this and come out the other side stronger on so many levels.

All the best,


Paul & Wendy.

keep calm and listen to music

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