Home Trial Offers From Melco, CAD, Quadraspire and IsoAcoustics During Lockdown!

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Lockdown AdobeStock

Hi Everyone,

Me again, you may be hearing a bit more from me over the next few months now that we are not getting any visitors to the shop and I can see this lockdown continuing for some time, I have been coming in to work everyday but I have to say I can’t wait for normality to return as I really miss everyone coming in just like the good ol days.

Anyway firstly I want to say that I hope everyone is OK and staying safe as needless to say since our last blog things have got much worse and all that really matters at a time like this is that we all stay fit and healthy and look forward to a time where we can travel about freely again, makes you stop and think how we take for granted just moving around at our own will.

I also want to thank everyone who has been in touch with calls and emails of support and genuine concern that we will we be able to survive this, I have genuinely found it moving how everyone really cares as in reality there are much more serious things to worry about at the moment but it just goes to show what awesome customers we have and what a great community HFL has become, so thanks again everyone, we really do appreciate it.

As an update from the last blog, Ady and Wendy have been furloughed but I have to say I have been really surprised how busy I have been, certainly not complaining especially as I thought I would be twiddling my thumbs with no interest in HiFi at this time, which would be totally understandable, but I’m still doing 12-14 hour days trying to keep up with it, all I can really put this down to is that everyone is now at home and music is now more important than ever, one for entertainment and also as an escape to all the terrible news out there, so as ever I am here to help with any queries you may have on either email or phone, one customer said something funny the other day, basically socialising is a really expensive pastime which he can no longer do so he may as well spend that money saved on HiFi, certainly no complaints from me.

One thing is for sure as soon as this has passed we are going to do a really big OPEN day, not to promote anything but just to say we are open again and to have a big social event, with a BBQ hopefully, to just catch up with everyone and look towards a brighter future, roll on that event.

Home Trial Offers

Anyway onto the point of this blog, I have to say that the new normal at HFL of sending kit out daily for customers to try at home has proved very popular indeed, as the below picture shows, and needless to say I am happy to carry on with this so if you fancy trying anything just let me know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.


We have also teamed up with 3 manufacturer’s to offer something similar but with their support which is very much appreciated as I only have one of each product in most cases so I have now got a ‘Covid-19 HiFi Loan waiting list’ but the support like this will really help, please find more details below and any interest of question just give me a shout.


Screen Shot at

So for me Melco offer the best range of servers out there, in the old days we all used NAS drives and lap tops for servers but there really is no need for this any longer with Melco offering a full range of servers / Players which give a big upgrade in sound quality compared to a NAS or computer, they also offer a ripper and the new network switch so if you would like to discover the benefits of adding any of their products into your system please get in touch then I will speak with Melco to arrange the loan, please find the full Melco range below –


Computer Audio Design

cad gc

We were supposed to be holding a CAD open day next month to demo and explain the performance benefits of their grounding blocks and other equipment but obviously that has been postponed but this is is arguably a better alternative as CAD are happy to send out their grounding blocks for you to try at home, these really are a great upgrade, totally passive and funnily enough work brilliantly with Melco, so if you have a Server, DAC, CD Player, Phono Stage, all in one player, basically most things and would like better performance then please get in touch to arrange a home demo, the beauty is that the grounding blocks are extremely easy to try, no setting up and no mains, just connect it up with the supplied cable and enjoy the upgrade which basically lowers the noise floor improving transients, clarity and making the music more rhythmic, please find the CAD range below and check out the downloads tab in each product for more information. I’m actually home trialling their USB cables at the moment on my system to see how they compare to what I currently use and so far so good I have to say.




Obviously Quadraspire are not going to send out HiFi Racks to try but their QPlus range of HiFi isolation feet are perfect to test at home under any hifi kit really, the idea is that if you haven’t got the room for a dedicated Quadraspire rack then put these under your equipment and it is just like putting them on one of their racks, they really do make a difference so well worth a go, below is a video by Terry Ellis of Pursuit Perfect Systems that has been done in collaboration with Quadraspire as a teaser to the QPLUS range, keep an eye out as he will be doing a full review very shortly, also please find more information on our website from the below link – 



I have to say that the IsoAcoustics Gaia Speaker isolation feet really do make a difference, we recently installed a set to a pair of Magico S5 speakers and the difference in bass control and mid range clarity really wasn’t subtle and they do work on any floorstanding speaker with the same effect so if you want to unleash the true performance of your speakers then I would most definitely recommend these and the great news is that they are not silly money, I know, rare in HiFi.

Anyway at the moment IsoAcoustics are offering for every set of 8 Gaia Isolation feet sold they will also throw in for free 3 IsoAcoustics Graphite Orea equipment isolation supports and they are so confident that as we can’t demo this at the moment that if for any reason they are not giving you the performance boost you were hoping for they will give you your money back, can’t ask for more than that really so if of any interest just let me know and I can get the required set of Gaia’s sent out to you, all I need to know is what speakers you have to determine which Gaia’s are suitable for you.



So to sum up if you’d like to try and of the above feel free to get in touch or if I have anything in the shop of interest just let me know.

Once again take care and stay well,

Paul & Wendy

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