Introducing the new Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy, Re-Imagining an Audio Legend, On Demo at HFL Shortly!

Hi All,

I’m really excited by these new Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy’s as the original 8 iterations from 1986 – 2011 were before my time as a Wilson dealer but I know they were loved by so many so can’t wait to get our demo pair in the shop shortly for a good listen.

These really could be the perfect Wilson speaker for the UK thanks to their smaller size, sitting below the new Sasha V but with all the latest tech from Wilson these really could be the perfect speaker for a lot of our customers.

Being that it is Wilson Audio’s 50th Anniversary this year you could argue that this Watt/Puppy has been 50 years in the making and I’m sure Dave Wilson would have been extremely proud of seeing where his original design has progressed to.

As soon as our demo pair are with us we will be announcing an Open Day so everyone can come in for a listen so watch this space, we’ve ordered ours in Cranberry Pearl, going to be gorgeous, can’t wait to see them 👌



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