PMC Active Crossovers Now on Demo for Twenty5 Speaker Range!

Hi All,

This is just a quickie to say that we have just recently installed the new Active Crossovers to a new demo pair of Twenty5.23i speakers, have to say it couldn’t have been easier, just unscrew the back plate, unplug the old crossover with one plug and then plug in the new active crossover, screw it back on the speaker and job done, it really does only take 10 minutes.

Then it is just a matter of connecting mains to each speaker and plugging in a source and you are good to go, hooking them up with a Naim NSC 222, HiFi Rose RS150B, Aurender A200 or Bel Canto E1x, all streaming Preamps gives you the beauty of a simple system whilst still keeping an amazing sound.

Have to say at £1795 for a pair of Active Crossovers it is a bit of a bargain as being that they are optimised to get the best performance from a 2 way Twenty5 or Twenty5i speaker they perform much better than say a £1795 amp.

So if this may be of any interest please feel free to get in touch and we can demo any of the 2 way Twenty5i range now as passive and active.

Please find a link below to the PMC active Twenty5i range on our website and some pictures –



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