Join us for a Fyne Open Day with Fyne Audio – February 2nd!

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Hi Everyone,

Firstly, belated Happy New Year, so here we go again, the first open day of 2019 and being that the introduction of Fyne Audio to our portfolio was one of the highlights of 2018 it will definitely be a good one. Fyne Audio may be a new name in HiFi but between the 7 strong management team they have over 200 years experience so they may be new in name but they most definitely know how to design a fantastic speaker as all the awards and glowing reviews they have won so far show since launching last year.

So I have said this before but since launching HFL back in 2012 I had never really found a speaker brand, at the more modest end of the market shall we say, that I really liked and could get behind so I was delighted when I first heard the Fyne Audio F501 as at last I had a speaker at the £1000′ish price point that I really loved and could sincerely recommend to our customer’s as basically if I don’t like it then it can’t make it into the showroom and for me the F501 are incredible speakers that really do punch well above their price point so it will be great to have these running in our upstairs demo room, if you haven’t heard them then I really recommend you come along for a listen.

But Fyne Audio are not all about speakers at the more entry level, just before Christmas they released the £5995 F702 which again sound excellent and have been very well received in here to anyone who has heard them, we actually sold the first pair to a customer in the UK, so we will be playing those also and then shortly Fyne Audio will be lunching the F1-10 at £17,999 and the F1-12 at £23,999 so they may be a new company but they have set their sights very high so I am delighted to say that we will have the F1-10′s running also, personally everything I have heard from Fyne Audio so far I loved but I haven’t heard the F1-10 yet so I can’t wait to get them up and running, I’m sure they will sound fantastic.

So we will have speakers running from £1199 to £17,999 on various systems plus we will have representatives here from Fyne Audio to help run the day and answer any questions you may have and as usual Wendy will be busy running around sorting out refreshments, being that Fyne Audio are a Scottish company we’ll have to see if we can give the food a Scottish theme, Haggis anyone 🙂

So if you have not experienced Fyne Audio before please feel free to come along as I know like me and many others you’ll be very impressed, please see the full range below, we also have the F500′s and F502′s available to demo.


Hope to see you on February the 2nd from around 9.30am onwards, if you are planning on coming along can you please send a quick e-mail to the below address so we know how much Scottish Whisky to get in 😉 thanks –

Many thanks,


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