McIntosh Announce the MHA200 Valve Headphone Amplifier, On Demo Soon!

MHA Angle Left

MHA Angle Left

Hi All,

Some headphone news for a change, the headphone market has definitely settled down now from 3-4 years ago where there seemed to be something new coming out every week so it is nice to have something new to look forward to with the McIntosh MHA200 Valve amplifier just announced.

McIntosh certainly know how to make good looking kit and this really is pure McIntosh, it reminds me of a mini version of the Iconic McIntosh 275 Stereo Amp, it is guaranteed to deliver also catering for 6.3mm, Stereo and Independent left + right XLR’s with Balanced and single ended inputs and at £2795 it certainly won’t break the bank and is guaranteed to drive any headphone out there.

I ordered our demo model as soon as I saw it and we have sold a couple already so I can see this being a really popular product for McIntosh.

During this Lockdown we have finished moving the Headphone Showroom to it’s new, more intimate, location so the MHA200 will definately be taking pride of place in there.

Please find a few pictures and a link to more info on our website below –


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MHA Angle Left

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