Naim 300 Series Open Day – November 25th! Timed Demos So Please Book Your Slot ASAP!

Hi Everyone,

Well this is a first, in 11 years of HFL we have never had 2 open days from the same manufacturer in the same year but then it is such big news when Naim bring out 2 new ranges months apart that we are delighted to have our 2nd Naim open day in 2023, this time showcasing the new 300 Series system, which all I can say really does sound excellent, we’ve had it running for a couple of months now so it is well and truly run in.

The Days Plan

So whereas the Naim open day earlier in the year focused on the new 3 box 200 Series this time the open day will be running through all different permutations there are with the new Classic ranges, so starting with a 2 box system comprising of the NSC 222 + NAP 250 then working through every variation till we end up with a full 6 box 300 series running, this will really show the context and sound upgrades of each step change which actually will be really interesting to hear.

We will be running the PMC Fact.12 Signatures on this system as I know for the 200 Series event the speakers we ran weren’t for everyone but our most popular combo is Naim with PMC so I know everyone will love the sound for this day.

Book your slot

The above demo will last around 90 minutes and will be run by Mark Raggett, who many of you will know and has been at Naim for many, many years with Darren here also who many of you would have met for the 200 Series launch event, there will also be a Q&A session and also Mark will run through how to mix the legacy Naim equipment with the new kit where Naim give the cables required to make this work for free, which can be worth 100’s of pounds.

This is bound to be a popular event as all Naim events are, we will be running 3 timed slots, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm so if you would like to come along please can you send me a mail to the below with your favoured time slot, thanks –

Free Power-Line Draw

Also Naim have kindly given us one of their Power-Line Mains cables (worth £649) to give away on the day so for everyone that registers we will do a draw on the Saturday morning so we can give that to the lucky winner when they come in.

Final bits

We will also have our upstairs demo room running with the limited edition Nait 50 integrated amp which is such a cool idea where Naim revisited their Nait 1 from 1983 and basically did a continuation of it to celebrate their 50th anniversary and as usual we will have refreshments available, please find a link below to Naim on our website –

Bentley With Naim In Car Audio

We are hopeful that Bentley will be bringing one of their cars along which will be kitted out with a full Naim system which we will park outside for anyone to jump in and have a blast, I have heard this before and considering this is car audio it is pretty incredible so will be a great opportunity.

PMC Prodigy Open Day!

Finally just a quickie to say that on December 9th we are having our final open day of the year, we’ve certainly done a lot of open days this year which have all been great fun, this one is to showcase the new PMC Prodigy speakers, these are a new entry level PMC which really do punch above their weight, we will run the Prodigy 1 bookshelf’s upstairs with the Prodigy 5 floorstanders downstairs then in the High-End room we’ll get the mighty Fenestria’s singing so if you’d like to come to this also just fire me over a quick mail.

Phew, I think that covers everything and I look forward to seeing you on the 25th November for our Naim 300 Series event and on the 9th for our PMC Prodigy event.

All the best,



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