PMC Prodigy Speakers Open Day December 9th, Hear The Multi Award Winning Speakers That Really Punch Above Their Price Point!

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So it has been a busy old year for open days this year and they have all been really popular and a lot of fun so thanks to everyone who has come along to any of them, to wrap up 2023 we are going to squeeze one more in and being that we love our PMC Speakers at HiFi Lounge I couldn’t think of a better way to see the year out than with an open day to showcase the new Prodigy speakers from PMC on December the 9th.

These may be a new entry level speaker from PMC but they are still all hand made in the UK and contain all off PMC’s technology that are in their bigger brothers like their Advanced Transmission Line and Laminair porting system so priced at £1250 for the Prodigy 1 and £1995 for the Prodigy 5 they are still very much a PMC speaker giving that sound we all love so much, I have owned PMC speakers myself at home for nearly 20 years now so it is always exciting when they bring something new out and I know that anyone who has listened to the Prodigy range has been so impressed with the sound you get for the money that it is no surprise they have been winning awards all over the world.

Systems on the Day!

I don’t want to go crazy with the equipment driving the Prodigy’s on the day keeping the price points quite well aligned so in our upstairs demo room we will be running the Prodigy 1 standmounts with a brand that I have always loved and very recently bought back on at HFL, Heed Audio, we will use their Elixir Integrated Amplifier and Abacus streaming DAC, then downstairs in our frst demo room we will run the floorstanding Prodigy 5’s with the new and brilliant Arcam A25 Class A Integrated with their ST5 streamer, this new Arcam kit really is excellent and from personal experience I know how well PMC and Arcam work together so we will have 2 great sounding rooms.

PMC Fenestria’s singing in the High-End Room!

So just because we can we thought it would be fun to show the other end of the PMC speaker range and we have decided to run the mighty PMC Fenestria’s in our end demo room powered by a pair of Bryston kilowatt 28B3 Monoblocks and a full dCS Vivaldi Apex front end, so I guess this little lot will tot up to around £200k so all a little bit bonkers but it will show the lineage from where the Prodigy range has come from and you will be able to hear the PMC family sound in each room from the huge Fenestria down to the Prodigy 1.

RSVP Please!

We will have representative here from PMC on the day to help run things and answer any questions and as normal we will have food and drinks available throughout the day, surely it has got to be time for a mince pie or 2, if you can just fire over a quick mail to the below that will be much appreciated, thanks –

So that will be a wrap on open days for 2023 but it sounds like a great way to end the year to me so look forward to seeing you on December 9th, please find a link to the PMC Prodigy Range on our website below –

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