Accuphase E-700 Class-A Precision Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Please Call For Price.

Accuphase E-700 – We only stock brands that we love at HFL so it was a pleasant surprise when I had an opportunity to listen to the Accuphase E-650 and instantly I was smitten, I have to say I was almost won over by the looks before it had even created a singe note, the presentation sounds just right though, honest but with a tad of warmth giving a very natural sound so if you are looking for a new amp, pre or source feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo of Accuphase. 


The E-700 is an evolutionary integrated amplifier that incorporates numerous technologies from our 50th anniversary flagship model, the E-800. The preamplifier section uses a Balanced AAVA type volume control with ANCC to create a balanced configuration from input to output and achieve driving perfection. The power amp stage that drives the speakers has been fortified from three elements to four, further increasing reliability. Experience the full breadth of emotion in live performances with the E-700’s superior expression.

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