Sonus Faber Sonetto III G2 Speakers

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Sonus Faber Sonetto III G2 – There is a real pride of ownership with Sonus Faber speakers, they are almost like the Ferrari of the speaker world with that Italian passion running through everything they do, from the stunningly elegant speaker cabinets to the highly developed drivers, every Sonus Faber speaker that leaves the factory in Italy is hand built with real pride and passion, they use the same techniques that have been developed over many hundreds of years of violin and lute making with real care and attention given to every part of the speaker, resulting in a extremely musical and natural sounding speaker, so please pop into to HFL to hear how stunning Sonus Faber Speakers Sound.


With its slender figure and exceptional power, Sonetto III combines design and innovation. A sophisticated 2.5-way system showcases the new flower-patterned suspension mid-woofer, meticulously designed by the Sonus faber DesignLab in Italy. This development process ensures that every aspect of the speaker’s performance is carefully honed to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

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