Analog Relax – EX2000 Phono Cartridge

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EX2000 MC – Analog Relax was founded by Yasushi Yurugi, an avid record collector, musician, jazz fan and innovative cartridge designer. A keen saxophonist, Yurugi has a deep appreciation of that sax maestro, jazz legend Zoot Sims, so much so that he founded the Zoot Sims Fan Club. That kind of musical obsession made him want more, knowing the vinyl groove contained yet more heart and soul to be revealed. “I never doubt that records have the best sound quality for listening to music, and I live with a collection of several thousand records and eight turntables.” This inspired him to create moving-coil cartridges which would exceed the capabilities of those available – a challenge he could not resist.

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EX2000 MC – Transducer MC Stereo Phono Cartridge

Character defined by the finest ‘spruce’ from the South Tyrol region of Northern Italy is imbued in the Analog Relax EX2000. This storied region is where the material for the legendary Stradivarius stringed instruments is said to have been harvested. The EX2000 thus honours the greatest luthier of all time. Its surface is coated with an ultra-fine powder allowing it to reproduce natural sound. A precision-machined solid diamond cantilever is used to transmit seamlessly the movement established in the record’s grooves to the power generator, extracting high-resolution sound. Compared to other diamond cartridges, the cantilever in EX2000 has been cut slightly thicker to achieve more solidity in the sound with the added benefit of improved traceability at a higher level.


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