Arcam A25 Integrated Class G Amplifier

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What HFL Thinks

Arcam A25 Integrated Amplifier – Just like many people we have always had a soft spot for Arcam at HFL, Arcam gave us our first taste of what was possible with a decent HiFi setup. As well as their Amps, Dacs and CD Players, it is Arcams line-up of cinema receivers and processors that I think deserve a special mention, there are not many companies that offer kit that is just at home playing the latest 7.1 movie extravaganza then switching to stereo and playing one of your favourites from you music collection, both at a very high level, they really offer a one box solution that has music running through its very core so please come into HFL to hear how Arcam ‘Bring Music and Movies to life’.

A25 Integrated Class G Amplifier with 2-way Bluetooth

Sublime Musicality + Rich Features = Your Ultimate Music System

The ARCAM A25 is the best sounding, and most feature rich of our Radia Integrated amplifiers. The visual luxuri- ous highlights hint towards the more luxurious musical experience that it offers.

This is achieved with a 5th generation Class G ampli- fier design. You can expect the best sound quality and dynamics from what has always been a better sounding, and more efficient Class of amplifier. New components and materials have been painstakingly analysed and re- viewed to ensure uncompromising sound performance.

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