Astell&Kern Kann Cube Portable Player

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What HFL Thinks

Kann Cube Player – At HiFi Lounge we are really excited to offer the Astell & Kern portable players to our customers. It was only when I went on holiday recently and took my iPod that I realised actually how poor the sound quality was and that I now have a large 24-bit library that I couldn’t play so that led me to the Astell&Kern players. These really are a revolution in portable music, not only do they look and sound stunning they are also able to drive high end headphones, plus stream wirelessly from your computer or NAS. These players really do offer high end audio in your pocket like has never been heard before.

Introducing the Astell&Kern KANN CUBE, which achieves more powerful output and lower noise.


KANN CUBE is the second model from the KANN line, which focuses on high fidelity with powerful output and low noise.
This player is designed to offer a very low noise floor, even with its massive power output.

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