Bryston BDA-3 External DAC

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What HFL Thinks

Bryston BDA-3 External DAC – Coming from Canada Bryston make some of the greatest HiFi equipment on the planet, whether you want one of their legendary amps, the ultimate Multi-Channel Processor, a pre-amp or a way to play the latest 24 bit music, Bryston have got it covered and more. Please check back shortly as we write our thoughts on each of their products.

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High Resolution Sound

Bryston’s new BDA-3 is our highest resolution D-to-A yet. A brand new decoding chipset can decode up to 384kHz / 32 bit PCM music and up to DSDx4 natively. Practically all digital source components can be connected. The new BDA-3 features 10 inputs including 4 HDMI, 2 Asynchronous USB, and S/PDIF over BNC, RCA, or Toslink optical inputs.


High resolution music downloads have smashed through the previous resolution limit of 192kHz/24 bit. Each format is processed in it’s native resolution preserving absolute bit-perfect signals all the way to our proprietary analog output section. Our custom re-clocking circuit engages all incoming PCM signals and strips off the embedded clock. We replace that information with our ultra high precision clock reducing jitter to nearly immeasurable levels.

Analog Excellence

Bryston’s analog section is completely free of integrated circuits (ICs) that limit the bandwidth and dynamic range of so many other DACs. Our proprietary analog circuits draw on decades of expertise building the world’s finest line level electronics and amplifiers.

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