Chord Company GroundARAY high-frequency noise reduction

Our Price (Each):£550.00

The GroundARAY is a next-generation high-frequency-noise-reduction device that connects to unused sockets on A/V equipment providing a low-impedance route for HF noise to pass through, directly improving the noise floor of the ‘host’ product.

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‘Hand built in UK. The Chord Company GroundARAY is designed to efficiently reduce a wide range of high-frequency noise from the signal earth of audio and video products. It is connected in parallel to the signal earth via unused sockets on your equipment.

Chord GroundARAY consists of 7 separate ARAY systems that each address different high-frequency noise groups this achieves a dramatically reduced noise floor resulting in a hugely increased musical performance from any product you add a Chord GroundARAY too.

Chord Company recommend starting with the source and working through your system, on streaming based systems this could be a router and / or a data switch.

In the development of GroundARAY Chord Company found adding the RJ45 model to the English Electric 8 or 16 switch made a huge benefit on performance.

You can then add more GroundARAYs to the rest of your system e.g., Streamer, DAC, Preamp and so on.

For an even better result multiple units can be added to a single component, so Turntable based systems can benefit from GroundARAY by adding units to the pre-amplifier.

Available with many different connection options – XLR (male or female) RCA, USB, HDMI, 5 pin DIN, BNC & RJ45

SRP for a single GroundARAY is £550 inc Vat’’.


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