Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2 Desktop DAC / Headphone Amplifier

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Chord Hugo TT 2 Desktop DAC / Headphone Amplifier – The Chord Hugo has been a real landmark product but a lot of people wanted a desktop version that could be used at home, step forward the Hugo TT, offering improved performance over its portable brother with a bigger battery, remote control, better cable connectivity, longer Bluetooth range, XLR outputs, two 1/4in headphone outputs to name a few upgrades, please come into HFL to give it a try.

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Chord Electronics has revealed the Hugo TT 2, its next-generation Table-Top (TT) DAC/headphone amplifier and one which sets a new technical benchmark, eclipsed only by Chord Electronics’ flagship DAVE. The device also offers incredible output power, flexible new features and redesigned casework; the Hugo TT 2 makes its international debut at High End and is scheduled for launch in the autumn.

The new Hugo TT 2 is the world’s most advanced desktop DAC/headphone amp. It offers unrivalled technical performance and is based upon new Artix 7 FPGA chip which has been uniquely custom-coded by Chord Electronics’ Digital Design Consultant, Rob Watts.

In addition to class-leading digital audio processing, the Hugo 2 TT offers enormous power reserves courtesy of a new super-capacitor-based power supply unit, designed to drive even the most difficult headphones, including high-impedance IEMs/CIEMs. There’s even enough power to drive efficient compact loudspeakers given suitable cabling!

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