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Custom Design Custom Speaker Stands – HiFi Racks can sometimes get overlooked when building a system but it is an integral part of any HiFi and can really add its characteristics to the overall sound presentation, Custom Design have explored this and have created some of not only the best sounding HiFi furniture available but also some of the best looking, with many choices available including inert and acoustically proven supports, please pop in to look at their range and to discuss what solution is best for you.

Custom Design have a skilled workforce with 26 years experience of designing and manufacturing high quality Speaker Stand supports, Hi-Fi Supports and Audio Visual furniture.

Custom Design offer a custom build service. We design and manufacture in Newcastle upon Tyne, if you have a design or specific requirement which cannot be fulfilled by our extensive range of speaker stands or Hi-Fi equipment supports, then we can make it for you.

We were asked by Hi-Fi Worlds Editor David Price to manufacture a pair of speaker stands to his requirements.

Our Custom Speaker Stands start from £240.

Please view the Acoustic Steel page to see how resonance vibration noise is absorbed and at which frequencies by combining our Top and Base Acoustic Inert Steel plates with our Inert Filler tested on a pair of the multi award winning RS 300 speaker stands.

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