Custom Design FS 104 Speaker Stand Range

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Custom Design FS 104 Speaker Stand Range – HiFi Racks can sometimes get overlooked when building a system but it is an integral part of any HiFi and can really add its characteristics to the overall sound presentation, Custom Design have explored this and have created some of not only the best sounding HiFi furniture available but also some of the best looking, with many choices available including inert and acoustically proven supports, please pop in to look at their range and to discuss what solution is best for you.

The FS 104 Speaker Stand Range are designed and manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design. The FS 104 Speaker Stands are hand made and hand finished. They include 4mm welded inserts, M6 fixing bolts for total integrity, 4mm laser precision cut steel base plates which support 4 light weight, but rigid columns.

The FS 104 Speaker Stand Range are an open frame design which produces an open and dynamic sound. The principle of the design is to have a rigid, light weight frame which has the minimal influence on dynamic speakers.

Centre column speaker stands are often mass loaded to prevent resonance, but this can also enhance the bass performance of your speaker, which can influence the sound reproduced by your speakers and equipment. The Fs 104 speaker stand range provide the minimal effect allowing your speakers to fulfil they performance.

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