Dynavector P-75 MK 4 Phono Pre-Amplifier And Phono Enhancer

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What HFL Thinks

Dynavector P-75 MK 4 Phono Pre-Amplifier – For over 30 years now Dynavector have been leading the way in moving coil cartridges, offering a range to suit all budgets but all guaranteed to offer performance that will get the most from your vinyl collection. Dynavector offer both high and low output cartridges and also produce the brilliant P75 MkIII phono stage with its innovative phono enhancer mode that puts other phono stages that cost much more to shame. Vinyl is going from strength to strength at the moment and rightly so, as in HFL’s book there is no better way to listen to music, so why not pop in, bring your favourite vinyl and hear it like never before with the help of Dynavector.

This is the latest Phono Stage from Dynavector giving many improvemens over the already excellent P75 MKIII, The P75 mk4 has a new appearance and new generation electronic design offering even higher levels of performance.

It is a fully adjustable phono preamp suitable for use with almost any cartridge.

It features ultra low noise components and extreme RIAA accuracy allowing the P75 to provide a high quality signal for amplification.


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