Dynavector XX-2A MC Cartridge

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What HFL Thinks

Dynavector XX-2A MC Cartridge – For over 30 years now Dynavector have been leading the way in moving coil cartridges, offering a range to suit all budgets but all guaranteed to offer performance that will get the most from your vinyl collection. Dynavector offer both high and low output cartridges and also produce the brilliant P75 MkIII phono stage with its innovative phono enhancer mode that puts other phono stages that cost much more to shame. Vinyl is going from strength to strength at the moment and rightly so, as in HFL’s book there is no better way to listen to music, so why not pop in, bring your favourite vinyl and hear it like never before with the help of Dynavector.

Dynavector’s Cartridge Tradition

Since its founding in 1978,Dynavector has been a high-end audio manufacturer that has released numerous high-performance cartridges to the world. During development, we take an approach based on academic engineering theory, a tradition that has been passed on by our founder (1). Starting with the unique development of our high-performance vibration systems such as ultra-fine wire high-output coils and gemstone cantilevers, we have focused on the importance of magnetic circuits since the 1990’s. As a result, Flux Damper (2) to stabilize magnetic flux and Softened Magnetism (3) to reduce magnetic flux fluctuations were developed and installed into our cartridges. In 2024,we have succeeded in dramatically improving sound quality by refining the magnetic circuits physical properties to give the best possible performance

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Low output moving coil cartridge with Alnico magnet and Flux damper

Output Voltage

0.28mV (at 1KHz,5cm/sec.)

Channel Separation

30dB(at 1KHz)

Channel balance

1.0dB(at 1KHz)

Frequency response

20 – 20,000Hz (± 1dB)


10 mm/N

Tracking force



6 ohms

Recommended load imperance

> 30 ohms


6mm length 0.3 mm dia.solid boron

Stylus tip

PF Line contact shape, stylus radius:7×30 micron


8.9 g





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