HiFi Racks Podium Slimline

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HiFi Racks Podium Slimline – We all spend a lot of time, money and effort choosing the HiFi equipment that gives us what we are looking for and the support for that equipment is equally as important to extract the best from it. HiFi Racks make some of the best sounding and looking racking out there, using the finest quality woods to give a full, weighty but most importantly, natural sound, plus it can be custom made to fit any environment. Please check back shortly as we write our thoughts on the HiFi Racks range.

Pictures shows a 4 tier rack.

About the Podium Slimline

The Podium Slimline is the latest addition to Hi Fi Racks’ flagship Podium range

The Slimline shares many features with the multi award-winning Podium Reference, but it’s different in two very important ways:

  • The Podium Slimline is the first ever Hi Fi Racks product to be sold in one box as a four tier rack, although other options are available, as you’d expect from Hi Fi Racks. See below for details of what you get in the box.


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