HiFi Rose RS150 – Network Streamer / Preamp

Our Price:£3,899.00

HiFi Rose RS150 – This is an excellent streamer with a Preamp built in so you can just add a power amp and you are up and running, it even has an analogue input so you can add turntable if required, it is beautifully built and has a gorgeous touch screen for all functions + an excellent control app and supports all digital formats, please feel free to call for more information or to book a demo.

Pure Sound

State-of-the-art DAC Setting

Integrated with Asahi Kasei’s flagship DAC chip AK4499EQ, the RS150 offers low noise, low distortion, ultra-high-resolution sound and analog rich density with proprietary processing supporting PCM 32bit / 768KHz and Native DSD512 (22.5792Mhz).

Analog Acoustic Sensitivities

Delivers the musical inspiration from high-quality sound by the tuning of Acoustic engineers with thirty years of experience. Clearly expresses the full range, from grand, and rich bass to delicate, and elegant highs. Linear Power System and Ideal Circuit system

Linear power supply minimizes noise inflow significantly.

Ideal circuit system eliminates electrical noise, and creates dramatically improved sound quality without distortion.


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