HiFi Rose RS520 – All In One Player / Streamer

Our Price:£3,399.00

HiFi Rose RS520 – This a an all in one streamer with built in power amplifier, Preamp and Dac so basically just add a pair of speakers and you are up and running, it also has an analogue input so you can add turntable if required, it is beautifully built and has a gorgeous touch screen for all functions + an excellent control app and supports all digital formats, please feel free to call for more information or to book a demo.

The RS520 is more than just a source device with a built-in amplifier. It is a true all-in-one product with each stage expertly specified to deliver a performance that rivals multi-box systems. Even when matched with larger or more “difficult” speakers, it delivers a more delicate and elegant sound quality that is controlled and uniform across the frequency range.

Solid Foundations

Four surfaces of the RS520’s elegant housing are made from one piece of high-durability aluminium, reducing the number of separate parts required to produce the casework. This “one piece” production method dramatically reduces the risk of vibrations transferring through the body and significantly reduces standing-waves, which can affect the end sound quality.

Like all Rose streamers, the RS520 is most identifiable by its large multi-touch screen. Measuring 12.6” wide, the 1920 x 515 resolution LCD panel provides a crystal-clear display that is smooth and enjoyable to interact with for complete control of your listening experience. Core transport controls can also be found on top of the RS520, for ease of use.

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