Accuphase C-47 Stereo Phono Preamplifier

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Accuphase C-47 – We only stock brands that we love at HFL so it was a pleasant surprise when I had an opportunity to listen to the Accuphase E-650 and instantly I was smitten, I have to say I was almost won over by the looks before it had even created a singe note, the presentation sounds just right though, honest but with a tad of warmth giving a very natural sound so if you are looking for a new amp, pre or source feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo of Accuphase.

The Realization of a Dream — Fully Balanced Phono Equalizer Amp

The C-47 is the first phono amplifier of this series which realizes a fully balanced configuration from input to output. The resulting product not only is highly impervious to external noise, it also features a dedicated head amplifier optimized for the characteristics of MC and MM phono cartridges, and a high-accuracy equalizer amplifier, thereby ensuring precise equalization with a minimum of noise. A set of newly added dedicated balanced MC phono inputs enables balanced connection to the analog record player. By bringing out the full performance potential of each phono cartridge, the C-47 delivers a rich and deeply satisfying musical experience.

Innovation ‒ At the leading edge of technology

Extremely low noise and highly accurate equalizer characteristics

The C-47 features a two-stage design with a low-noise head amplifier optimized to handle MC and MM cartridges and a high-accuracy equalizer amplifier dedicated to the task of equalizing the signal. By designing the low-noise head amp for high gain (MC: 50 dB, MM: 20 dB), the influence of any noise components in the subsequent equalizer amplifier is kept to a minimum, resulting in excellent low-noise performance combined with super-accurate equalization characteristics.

Fully balanced configuration

As a first in the series, the C-47 employs a fully balanced configuration which reliably shuts out external noise. The output signal from the cartridge is treated as a balanced signal, and the head amp performs balanced amplification (amplifying only the difference between two signal inputs). Balanced signal transmission is maintained also after the head amplifier, and full equalization is realized by making the equalizer amplifier a balanced type as well.

Full mono construction

For enhanced channel separation, it is crucial to keep the circuitry of one channel physically separate from the other. In the C-47, the head amp and equalizer amp are mounted on separate boards for the left and right channel, but the designers have gone one step further. The toroidal transformer, smoothing aluminium electrolytic capacitors, and regulated power supply circuitry are also duplicated for each channel, thereby realizing a fully monaural configuration.


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