ISOL-8 IsoLink Wave & Ultra Mains Cables

From: £135.00

What HFL Thinks

ISOL-8 IsoLink Mains Cable – At HiFi Lounge over the years we have tried numerous power conditioners all with varying results but when we tried a couple of products from the ISOL-8 range we were convinced instantly that this was the power conditioning brand that we wanted to offer our customers. The importance of a clean mains supply really can’t be overstated when it comes to getting the best from your HiFi equipment, please get in touch today to arrange a home demo of the ISOL-8 Range.

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IsoLink Wave

  • 1.5m – £135
  • Extra 0.5m – £26

IsoLink Wave Plus

  • 1.5m – £249
  • Extra 0.5m – £26

IsoLink Ultra Plus

  • 1.5m – £495
  • Extra 0.5m – £50
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