Martin Logan EFX Loudspeaker

£3,495.00 each

What HFL Thinks

Martin Logan EFX Loudspeaker – At HFL we are really excited to offer Martin Logan speakers, if you like to hear everything in a recording there really is nothing like the sound of an electrostatic speaker, they are extremely agile, offering a very clean and transparent presentation. Being a hybrid design there is also plenty of bass, an electrostatics main problem, but in a speaker that isn’t overly big and looks extremely stylish. Also offering subwoofers and surround packages Martin Logan really offers something for everyone so please pop into HFL to experience something a little different.

Surround Yourself with EFX

MartinLogan is proud to introduce the slim, on-wall EFX™ hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker, featuring XStat™ technology, dramatically reducing cabinet size, yet establishing new standards for efficiency, dynamics and precision.

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