McIntosh MHA150 Dedicated Headphone Amplifier

Our price: £6,000.00

What HFL Thinks

McIntosh MHA150 Headphone Amplifier – The MHA150 really is a stunning headphone amp that will drive any headphone out there thanks to its 3 different impedance settings + normal and high gain settings, from ear buds to the hardest to drive headphones, it even has a 50 watts per channel power amp built in to drive a pair of speakers, not to mention a highend DAC with asynchronous USB, if you would like to experience the ultimate headphone amp please come in to HFL to give it a try.

Many music lovers enjoy listening to their beloved music with the intimacy that headphones offer. Equally important to the headphones in the personal listening experience is the amplifier that drives them.

A McIntosh Headphone Amplifier delivers the same high quality and highly sought after sound to your ears that all of our audio products are famous for. New life will be brought to your favorite piece of music when you experience it on a McIntosh Headphone Amplifier.


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