PMC Twenty5 Speaker Stands for 21’s and 22’s (Pair)

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What HFL Thinks

PMC Twenty Speaker Stands for 21’s and 22’s – Now we have to be very careful here and make sure that we don’t get too carried away as at HFL we are big fans of PMC speakers. On one level they are very accurate, highly revealing, open and detailed but most importantly for us they are extremely musical, pulling you into the recording and helping you get lost in the music. Used in studios around the world, owned by some of the biggest musicians around, PMC offer something for everyone. So why not pop into HiFi Lounge to hear these amazing speakers for yourself.

The dedicated twenty stand has been engineered to optimise the imaging, dynamics and overall tonal balance by using a blend of an ultra-rigid structure and resonance absorbing materials. The front tube can be filled to ‘tune’ the stand providing not only greater stability and mass but better bass definition. The rear tube is internally damped and allows cables to be passed through, ensuring a clean elegant line is maintained.



  • H 599 (+25 spikes) x W 229 x D 364 (mm)


  • 19kg

Speakers not included.



Speaker Stands Specification
Available Finishes Black
Dimensions H 610mm


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