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Rega Arm Height Adjustment Spacers – Another classic name in the British HiFi, arguably best known for their range of fantastic turntables but also offering a broad range of product from amps, dacs, cd players and speakers that all perform way over what their modest price would suggest but always guaranteeing an extremely musical listening experience. Please check back shortly as we write our thoughts on Rega’s fantastic range of HiFi equipment.

Arm Height Adjustment spacers for RB250, RB300, RB700 and RB1000.

When Rega arms are fitted to turntables from other manufacturers it may be necessary to add our “Rega arm spacers” to achieve the correct arm height.

Circular spacers are available for the RB250 and RB300 in thickness’ of 2mm, 4mm and 10mm. An arm “Sleeve nut” is also available for circumstances where the arm base does not protrude below the arm mounting board.

The RB700 and RB1000 use the custom made 3 point 2mm thick spacer as pictured above right.

Note: On all Rega turntables spacers should not be necessary.

Arm Height or V.T.A adjustment can be a controversial subject. Rega believes that the integrity of the arm fixing onto the arm mounting board is much more important than the questionable facility of arm adjustment: The arm should be reasonably parallel to the record surface or slightly lower at the mounting. The only time a spacer is necessary to raise the arm height is if the rear of a cartridge is hitting the record whilst playing.


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