Stax HPS-2 Headphone Stand

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What HFL Thinks

Stax HPS-2 Headphone Stand – At HFL we couldn’t be happier to offer Stax headphones, or Earspeakers as they are better known, to our customers. If you want the best headphone experience you really do need to hear a Stax system, being an electrostatic design the level of detail is quite stunning, as is their agility and musicality. A Stax system really does stand out from the crowd and is considered by many to offer the pinnacle of what is possible with a headphone system. We have a selection of Stax systems on demo so please feel free to come in to HFL to experience something a little different.

HPS-2 Natural Wood Earspeaker Stand

A design with a sense of real quality using natural wood from the unspoiled forests of Hokkaido, Japan. To create a smooth surface finish, we’ve used methods employed in the production of high-class furniture. Incorporation into the design of openings on the sides facilitates attachments of the In-The-Ear type SR-001/MK2 and SR-00 3 models. The texture of natural wood is sure to harmonize wonderfully with any room interior.


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