Trafomatic Audio – Head One – Headphone Amplifier

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Head One – Trafomatic Audio are all about putting the music first but also in designing beautiful HiFi equipment, based in Serbia they were founded in 1997 by Sasa Cokic and they have gone from strength to strength since then winning multiple awards and getting stunning reviews for their range of HiFi Equipment.

Experience Head One – Headphone Amplifier

Continuing with our line of fine amplifiers in Experience series, Experience Head Onetube stereo headphone amplifier has been released on audio scene recently. Following basic design principle in accordance with philosophy of whole Experience series, this product offering an extended functionality unusual with amplifiers of the same type. beside it’s general purpose to drive different types of dynamic headphones, this device is designed with some additional and very useful features. Owners of transistored audio systems were kept in mind during design phase, and especially those who are interested to experiment with tube sound. So there is possibility go use this device as preamp with separate line output and an active subwoofer output. Should be mentioned that subwoofer output has similar bandwidth as line output but lower performance, so it’s usage is limited to lower frequencies.


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Tubes: 2x 6S45P , 1x EZ80(81)
Power supply: 230VAC (option 115VAC), 50/60Hz – 50VA
Consumption: 30VA
Output impedance: 30 -100 – 300ohms
Maximum output power: 300mW
THD at 100mW/1kHz: 3 %
Additional outputs: line out i sub out
Inputs: CD , AUX
Input sensitivity: 1Veff
Input resistance: 47Kohm
Output line voltage:
THD 1% – 3.2V
THD 2% – 6.4V
THD 2.8% – 9V
Frequency bandwidth:
headphone and line out 20Hz(-3dB) – 57KHz(-3dB)
Subwoofer out 20Hz(-3db) – 18KHz(-3dB) S/N: 71dB
Minimum load resistance on “LINE and “SUB”:
– 2k ohm both outputs simultaneously;
– 1k ohm single output.
Gain on “LINE” output: 18dB




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