Wilson Audio SabrinaX Loudspeakers


What HFL Thinks

Wilson Audio SabrinaX – Wilson Audio certainly don’t manufacture cheap speakers but what they do is produce some of the most respected and accomplished loudspeakers this world has ever seen, from the Sabrina to the WAMM you get the same natural, delicate and open sound that get’s as true to the recording as possible whilst pulling you into the music at the same time, Wilson use non-wood materials for their cabinets with time alignment of the drivers playing an important part of their design and look offering something quite unique, HFL are really proud to add Wilson Audio to our portfolio so please come in for a listen to what Wilson Audio has to offer.

Prices –

WilsonGloss Standard Colours (Carbon, Galaxy Grey, Quartz) – £21,498

WilsonGloss Upgrade Colours (Crimson Satin, Ivory, Diamond Black) – £22,998


When it came time to upgrade the Sabrina, Daryl and his team faced a conundrum: how could they upgrade a loudspeaker already loved for its supreme musicality? His first goal was to preserve Sabrina’s affability and intrinsic listenability. When looking for ways to improve Sabrina, Daryl drew directly from his last project, the Chronosonic XVX.  With those tools in hand, Daryl evolved an already great platform into a loudspeaker with even greater musicality—while at the same time, improving its transient speed, resolution, intimacy, and transparency.

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