Bryston 4B³ Dual-Channel (Stereo) Amplifier

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Bryston 4B³ Dual-Channel (Stereo) Amplifier – Coming from Canada Bryston make some of the greatest HiFi equipment on the planet, whether you want one of their legendary amps, the ultimate Multi-Channel Processor, a pre-amp or a way to play the latest 24 bit music, Bryston have got it covered and more. Please check back shortly as we write our thoughts on each of their products.

4B³ Amplifier

A rarified few components in audiophile lore have become so ubiquitous that nearly every music lover once had, lusted after, or if they’re really lucky, currently owns one. One such legend is the Bryston 4B. This product has been manufactured continuously (though often refined) since 1978. Currently this venerated amplifier is on its 6th generation, and it’s never been better. Now rated at 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms, (and upwards of 500 into 4 ohms), this true dual-mono amplifier is powerful enough for practically any speaker, yet it’s priced to remain within reach. The degree of clarity, power, nuance, and outright truthfulness of this amp is stunning. If you’ve always wanted one, maybe now is just the right time.


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