Bryston BR-20 Preamplifier / DAC / Streamer

From: £7,500.00

What HFL Thinks

Bryston BR-20 Preamplifier – Coming from Canada Bryston make some of the greatest HiFi equipment available today, whether you want one of their legendary amps, the ultimate Multi-Channel Processor, a pre-amp or a way to play the latest 24 bit music, Bryston have got it covered and more

Option Prices – 

  • The optional HDMI card will cost £1200 and the phono stage can be added for £950.


Introducing the Bryston BR-20 – a 14 input preamplifier, DAC and streamer which acts as a complete front-end solution, combining the best of Bryston’s technologies into one ultra high-performance audiophile hub.

Named in honour of Bryston’s president, Brian Russell, who passed away in September 2020, the BR-20 is the most advanced combination of analogue and digital functionality in the 50-plus year history of the Bryston brand.


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