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dCS Lina  – dCS are just from up the road in Cambridge and have been pushing what is possible from digital playback for over 25 years now, whether that be CD or more likely nowadays computer audio and streaming, they focus on precision and accuracy to make the music sound as real as possible, known for their Ring DAC technology and their 4 box Legendary Vivaldi system dCS are real innovators in the digital domain so please come into HFL to hear digital music like never before.

The dCS Lina Network DAC, Master Clock and Headphone Amplifier are now available in dCS’s signature shade of silver, bringing listeners more choice and a striking new finish. The painted finish on silver Lina components provides a near exact match with the anodised finish seen on silver Vivaldi, Rossini and Bartók components – making it the perfect option for listeners who wish to pair Lina equipment with other products from the dCS range. 

Individual Prices:

  • DCS Lina Network Dac – £12,500
  • DCS Lina Master Clock – £7,250
  • DCS Lina Headphone Amplifier – £9,000

LINA Headphone System

A new dCS system, purpose built for headphone listeners

With a dedicated Network DAC, Headphone Amplifier and Master Clock, Lina is the first dCS system purpose built for headphone listening. Designed to drive a vast range of headphones, and deliver spectacular sound, it offers the ultimate sonic escape for music and headfi connoisseurs


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