Focal Chora 826 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker

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What HFL Thinks

Focal Chora 826 – We are really pleased to now offer Focal to our customers, for one they really do make a stunning looking speaker but more importantly they present the music in a very honest and balanced way but always with the main focus on presenting the emotion of the music, now that both Focal and Naim are owned by the same company both are now working very closely together so that there is a great synergy between both brands, please feel free to pop into HFL to experience this for yourself.




The Chora 826 bass-reflex loudspeaker is the embodiment of an accessible high-fidelity solution for a complete listening pleasure. Equipped with the exclusive Slatefiber cone developed and manufactured at the Focal site in France, the speaker drivers deliver balanced and precise midranges and perfectly articulated bass; leaving you to enjoy abig, full and generous sound. In addition, the presence of an aerodynamic front port eliminates distortion and gives more impact in the bass.

Its sleek, modern design combined with your choice of finish, and the tilted stand for a better sound image, make Chora 826 theflagship model of this line, ideal for larger rooms.


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