Magneplanar MG 3.7i Speakers

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What HFL Thinks

Magneplanar MG 3.7i Speakers – At HFL we are really excited to be able to offer Magneplanar speakers to our customers, if you have never heard a ‘Maggie’ before then you really should come in for a listen as they are very different in their presentation compared to a conventional box speaker, they offer amazing clarity and insight into a recording as there is no cabinet to affect the sound, In the world of HiFi they are considered by many to be an absolute bargain especially when you hear the level of performance you get, so please pop in to HFL experience something a little different.

The first question on everyone’s mind– “How is the 3.7 different?”

It is easier to start with what is the same. The frame and cosmetics are the same, with one important difference—the additional option of aluminum trim.

The 3.7 is a 3-way design, like the 3.6, but, it is a full-range ribbon design, like the highly acclaimed 1.7. We are calling it “trickle-up” technology. The concepts that worked so well in the 1.7 were incorporated in the 3.7.

The specifications of the 3.7 are nearly the same as the 3.6, with a minor increase in efficiency.

3.7 becomes 3.7i

In past model improvements, driver changes and factory retooling were extensive. It is rare when improvements can be made that are audible in a blind test and do not require a major investment. So, in view of this good fortune, we chose to pass on these small improvements rather than save them for a 3.8.

Will you be able to hear the difference between the 3.7 and 3.7i? Yes, in a careful A-B test, but we don’t do sales hype. It is not a 3.8. And for those that have a 3.7, we have some good news.


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