Musical Fidelity M6si | Integrated Amplifier (Ex-Display)

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Musical Fidelity M6si – This is our demo model in Black, boxed as new, please call for more information.

M6si – Overview:

The new M6si integrated amplifier improves on the outgoing M6i model with more inputs and completely new internals to give greatly improved technical and sonic performance

The M6si has real high-end sound quality. Because of its power it is effortless and unstressed. Its stability margins are huge so it will drive any loudspeaker easily. These are only the bedrock for what the M6si really does: sounding fantastically musical. Because of its pre amp/power amp configuration it produces wide stable images with an effortless, clear, ungrainy sound quality. Bottom end is delivered with a vast punch and speed of attack.

All in all the M6si offers true high-end sound quality, an extensive range of useful inputs, a compact package, reliability and a fair price.


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