PMC Fact Fenestria Speakers

Our price: £45,000.00

What HFL Thinks

PMC Fact Fenestria Speakers -Now we have to be very careful here and make sure that we don’t get too carried away as at HFL we are big fans of PMC speakers. On one level they are very accurate, highly revealing, open and detailed but most importantly for us they are extremely musical, pulling you into the recording and helping you get lost in the music. Used in studios around the world, owned by some of the biggest musicians around, PMC offer something for everyone. So why not pop into HiFi Lounge to hear these amazing speakers for yourself.


fenestria achieves a new standard of lifelike, vivid precision at all listening levels. Other loudspeakers produce unwanted vibrations in the drivers and cabinet that colour the sound. Just as a shaky camera cannot produce a clearly focused image, these unwanted vibrations reduce the clarity and precision of the sonic imaging. With fenestria, such unwanted resonances and unnatural colouration are engineered out of the design, leaving nothing but music. In sonic terms, the speaker itself disappears, replaced by a completely transparent window on the music.


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