Trilogy 931i Amplifier for Headphones

From: £1,500.00

What HFL Thinks

Trilogy 931i Headphone Amplifier – Trilogy’s 933 Headphone amp is considered amongst the best available at any price, the 931i is a scaled down version of the 933 offering very similar performance but at a price that makes it unbeatable at its price point, so please come along to HiFi Lounge to give it try.

Trilogy 931i Headphone Amplifier

The way we listen constantly moves and evolves. With more of us interested in quality headphone listening than ever before, we decided to make a headphone amplifier with a wider reach. The brief for the 931 project was to keep all of the essential elements that once made the highly acclaimed 933 so successful but at a significantly lower cost. The 931i (improved) may be affordable, but its performance and quality is still pure Trilogy.


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