Trilogy H1 Energiser For Electrostatic Headphones

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Trilogy H1 Energiser – To get the best out of any Stax Earspeaker they need to be driven properly and with the Trilogy H1’s Pure Class A design it really doesn’t get any better. Trilogy Audio Systems are a London based company founded by Nic Poulson in 1992. Nic has a wealth of experience that has led him to create no compromise products, the 933 has not been built to a price but has only one goal, to get the best performance from today’s breed of Highend Headphones, so please come along to HiFi Lounge to give it try.


  • Silver – £4995
  • Stealth Black – £5295

Ahead of the curve Trilogy has opted to fittingly make the first Special Products Division a component where nuance and tangibility is etched in fine detail – the electrostatic headphone energiser. A fitting first statement product for Trilogy Audio Systems SPD range, built with meticulous sonic craftsmanship.

After trialling variations of the Stax circuit used by many other manufacturers Nic Poulsen realised that accepted wisdom and circuitry failed to advance the product to Trilogy design goals, to only ever evolve and improve.

The SPD H1 circuit is unique in terms of a solution. The design consists of two toroidal transformers, one for heating the triodes, the other for the rest of the H1. The vacuum tube circuit utilises high transconductance type military specification tubes. One pair of 6C3 input tubes and one pair of 6H6 output tubes, having a service life of approximately 5000 hours and can simply be returned to Trilogy for replacement.


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