Audio Research Foundation VT80 SE Power Amplifier

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Audio Research Foundation VT80 – We really are proud to add Audio Research to our portfolio of products to offer our customers as not only are they one of the most respected and oldest companies trading today in HiFi but more importantly they produce some of the most musically engaging products available that constantly get glowing reviews worldwide. Based in the USA and known for their love of the use of Valves for the majority of their products Audio Research really do sum up everything that is great about Highend Audio offering beautifully made products that push the boundaries but they always put the music first and foremost so please come into HFL for a listen.

The new VT80 is the much-anticipated amplifier that finally allows the Foundation series to be shown as a complete system. Combining an enticing new esthetic with worry-free operation and great audio performance, the VT80 is a vacuum-tube amplifier that will open doors to a new customer base.

At the heart of the VT80 are two important new features that have never been offered before by Audio Research. The first is a proprietary auto-bias circuit developed entirely in-house by our engineering department. Simply drop in the tubes and the VT80 will adjust bias for each output tube. The circuit automatically adjusts for tube wear or fluctuations in the power in real time. It will also work for different types of output tubes, including 6550, KT88, KT90, KT120 or KT150. The adjustment range is wide, but matched tubes from Audio Research still provide the highest performance. Finally, an auto-bias circuit that works in real time and does not compromise performance!

The second new feature includes fusing of each output tube. In case of a fault condition in a tube, an easily replaceable fuse will blow, not a resistor. This is what we mean by worry-free operation.

With the beautiful new look, the flexible connection options, and the great new features, thrilling audio performance remains our primary goal and the foundation upon which we were built. Designed as part of the Foundation series, the core of the VT80 is adapted from the Reference 75, including the same power and output transformers, similar circuit topology, and many of the same parts. The 75 watt-per-channel VT80 offers striking dynamics, powerful bass, and natural clarity combined with a very holographic presentation. The result is sonically breathtaking and provides a new reference in its price range.

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