Yamaha HA-L7A Headphone Amplifier

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Yamaha HA-L7A Headphone Amplifier – From the moment the sound is created to the time it reaches the human ear — Yamaha is there. It is the only brand in the world that intimately knows this process, ranging from the manufacture of musical instruments to professional audio equipment. And True Sound, which strives for sound that accurately reproduces even the very thoughts the artist puts into the music and the expressive view intended by the creator as is, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sound and enter a profound musical experience, feeling as if you were right in the middle of the performance. 


Yamaha is proud to announce the release of the HA-L7A, our first high-end headphone amplifier—a truly audiophile-level component that strives for the ultimate True Sound in headphone listening—as more and more discerning audio fans themselves search for that ultimate experience. The HA-L7A blends Yamaha’s over 65-year Hi-Fi audio expertise in AV receivers with the True Sound concept, delivering uncompromised sound by incorporating Tonal Balance, Dynamics, and Sound Image to faithfully express the artist’s intent.

We’ve taken our patented Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier technology, and optimised it for headphone amplification, while adopting ESS Technology’s renowned ES9038PRO 32-bit D/A converter for further sonic benefit. In addition, dual toroidal transformers and high rigidity construction have been employed to bring full dynamic range to audio reproduction. To top it all off, we’ve included a SOUND FIELD mode that allows you to select the optimal sound field to match any type of content. This stunning headphone amplifier has been created in response to the ardent desires of headphone enthusiasts, evidenced by its boldly original design and meticulous build quality. It envelops the listener in a universe of sound unique to the HA-L7A and delivers a profound musical experience that is uniquely Yamaha.


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